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Founded in 1995, University of Medical Sciences and Technology is a private higher education institution located in an attractive part of the metropolis of Khartoum (the compelling capital of Sudan that lies between the two Niles). UMST is officially accredited by the Sudan Ministry of Higher Education, internationally recognized and widely acknowledged as a center of excellence. Without being elitist, UMST is consistently selective in recruiting its students and remains meticulous in catering for their needs. UMST offers courses and programs leading to bachelor and and post-graduate degrees In the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Anesthetics, Nursing Sciences, Radiology Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Law, Business Administration, Architecture, Economic, Social and Environmental Studies and Mass Communication.
International students are particularly welcome to apply for enrollment.

” Come and be part of one of Africa’s leading universities. The Faculty of Printing & Packaging Technology ”
The Faculty of Printing & Packaging Technology is located within the attractive UMST campus, and is well supported by:

– State of the art Printing Press in the accessible suburb of Khatroum North.
– Fully equipped Workshop within the campus to meet the daily training needs and purposes.
– Physics, Chemistry and Computer Labs.
– Well stocked Library.

Objectives :

– The Faculty is established to fill a glaring gap in Sudan, Africa and the Middle East. Its programs are designed to sufficiently and intelligently respond to a felt need to raise the standards of printing industry in the region. The inadequacies of the printing industry represent a burden that badly affects the economic
– conditions of our countries. The B.Sc. (Honours) Degree, with its two pathways, offers a unique blend of theory and practice to prepare the students to professionally handle the present and future demands of Printing and Packaging industry.
– The students enrolled in the Bachelor of Printing & Packaging Technology shall acquire a solid body of knowledge obtained through practical training informed by theoretical exposure to all the relevant issues associated with Printing, Design and Packaging. In addition to the hands-on approach, the students shall be encouraged to observe, absorb, and analyze the impact of new technology on the Printing and Packaging practices. Most importantly they shall be instructed to perform every function within the industry. The students shall also have the opportunity to gain a wide range of technical skills through controlled processes of observation, participation and experimentation in real professional surroundings.

Career Prospects :

Printing Technology is increasingly becoming one of the major career options in today’s media and marketing driven world. This degree is specifically designed to allow you to work competently effectively and intelligently in a variety of rewarding areas of specialization. You can choose between making fast strides in any of the following areas:

– With the kind of all-round training you will receive you can easily turn into an entrepreneur who can provide printing services to advertising firms and companies.
– You can also act as a technology consultant in advertising agencies,newspapers/magazines, government presses, machine manufacturers, book printers and packaging industries.
– In addition to the private sector there are numerous attractive option careers in the governmental establishments of information, broadcasting, education and culture.



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