Alzaytouna Specialised Hospital




Sustainable development is a hot international issue, that helps many cities to search and affect their system to world standards and apply the right polices suitable for their environment and ensure service efficiency. The health service in Khartoum city has been affected by many factors that reduces the out-put and leads to wrong and quick unplanned polices. The study has taken deep issues that affect the health environment in account to focus on the topic issues that might enable the service environment to go in the right direction.
The research included five chapters. The first chapter contains the research introduction and methodology which shows the meaning of sustainable development and world view and Sudan’s general view on the related study topics. The methodology then describes the study area and problem statement of pollution and the environment, and the research objectives, then the sampling techniques.
The second chapter is the literature review about the previous studies and research results depending on many references that are international and national. The third chapter about the research data collected, results and analysis. Chapter four is the analysis of meeting and research data, the fifth chapter contains the conclusion and recommendations, references, index and attached documents that helps the research, and also contains some mechanisms of data, of reports and information flaws.

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