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Master of Science in Information System

Given today’s fast growing application of computer techniques, organizations of different types have a crucial demand for graduates with master degree in Information Systems. Successful new technology products and information systems always combine technical quality and smart performance to achieve strategy objectives. Developing these systems requires extensive communications among technical developers, different partners and users.
The program covers a range of topics and skills that are required in today’s computing intensive world. Information technology has become a core facet and determining factor of success in every imaginable specialism available these include and are not limited to businesses, medicine, and geographical industries.
The Master of Science in Information Systems program focuses on training students in the core concepts and practicalities of computing, and in other areas of related sciences including management, and scientific disciplines so graduates can develop successful careers in management, medical, and geographical positions that require deep technical skills.
The Master Degree is aimed at utilizing Computer Science in Business, Geographical and Medical fields. Therefore, the program offers the following three areas of specialization:

• Business Information Systems (BIS)
• Health and Medical Informatics (HMI)
• Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing (GIS)
A student graduating with the MSc in Information System program will be able to:
• Identify, formulate, and solve advanced information system problems through the application of advanced knowledge of information system.
• Acquire knowledge of contemporary issues and demonstrate an advanced level of understanding in the field of information system.
• Design and conduct experiments, as well as analyze, interpret data and make decisions.
• Conduct research in a chosen area of specialization, document and defend the research results.
• Use techniques and modern tools necessary for information system practice.
• Function on teams and communicate effectively.
• Understand professional and ethical responsibilities.


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