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from the inside.. a new vision..


When you visit the center, you will feel that the facilities are specially designed for you. By browsing this guide, you will find adequate information about the center and the events held there.

We are glad to welcome you as soon as possible..



International conference centers depend on the architecture and technical infrastructure to perform their mission and achieve their goals in a distinctive way in serving conferences, meetings, cultural, artistic and academic activities without need external services, such as technical tools for presentations, audio-visual devices, live broadcasting systems, and online video conferences, in addition to cecretarial services, printing, copying, follow up offices, hospitality services, advanced central air conditioning system, electrical systems, safety and emergency.



In its new image, it includes a group of the latest technical presentation and media production facilities, in addition to its main tasks of hosting and organizing conferences and various events and administrative and executive tasks in a way that enables us to market and implement services and programs, and communicate with various parties effectively to achieve long-term partnerships in a way that guarantees the exchange of benefits with other parties and clients.


GCC Strategic Goal


Objectives of The Center

  • Hosting and organizing conferences and various events.
  • Building productive partnerships to develop economic activity in the country.
  • Present local and national heritage.
  • Providing sponsorships for various events held in the center whenever required.
  • Organizing visits to facilities and landmarks, accompanying conference programs
  • Organizing cultural, artistic and creative meetings and forums
  • Promote intellectual, scientific, cultural and artistic production, both locally and internationally.
  • Strengthening communication and cooperation relations between the group, institutions, universities, institutes and bodies.
  • Providing conference requirements, such as interpretation, taking minutes of meetings, editing, translating, printing and distributing documents.
  • Achieving the factors of attraction and surprise in the ways, methods and means of presentation, marketing and advertising by designing service packages that meet the needs of the client, whether he is a visitor, exhibitor or event organizer..


The vision.. the mission.. the values..


The Global Conference Center works to be the first choice in hosting conferences, events and attractive activities, by providing the most distinguished, innovative and creative methods in planning and implementation.


The Mission..

Providing and conducting high quality activities and events in the center in organization and hosting to create acceptance and difference at the local and regional levels and reflect the spirit of its brand.



The work spirit in the center is based on a set of characteristics and attitudes that are represented in respect, honesty, creativity, innovation, teamwork spirit and transparency in communication in a way that reflects professionalism and success.


Organizational Structure of the Global Conference Center:

A light and flexible structure has been designed to manage the Global Conference Center, which ensures a smooth workflow for the implementation of the center’s programs and events, maintains and develops the center’s structures:


  • Administrative and Financial Affairs
  • Executive Secretary & Services
  • Events and Activities Department
  • Marketing and Corporate Communications Department
  • Design and Identity Services Center
  • Documentation & Art Production Center


Events & Activities Management

Events and Activities Department is one of the dynamic fields that requires a broad knowledge of the assets of effective dealing with the center and the client because of its main focus on the ability to put forward innovative ideas and implement them in professional ways.

This department creates and publishes data on events and activities such as seminars, various local and international conferences, workshops, courses, graduation ceremonies and seminars.

With this effort, the events and activities department contributes to the strategic planning of the center by defining and achieving the vision, mission, goals and target values, and enables an assessment of the current status of the center and its services, in order to determine a clear and coherent direction for its future and development.



Marketing and Corporate Communications Department

It is the responsibility of the Marketing and Corporate Communication Department to consolidate the corporate identity of the Global Conference Center, and to promote its services to other scientific and academic facilities, scientific research institutions, ministries, foreign embassies, bodies, organizations, companies and the general public. These tasks are managed by integrating the various means of marketing, communication and brand management, in order to organize conferences and events at the center, awareness campaigns, interviews, press conferences and other events in an effective manner to serve the objectives of the center and reflect its vision and mission honestly and transparently.


GCC Design and Identity Services Center

In order for marketing to carry out its tasks in a creative manner that reflects the spirit of the center, its mission, and its human and technical capabilities, the Design and Identity Services Center was established, specialized in this field and unconventionally..

This center ensures that the projects of the GCC and the services it provides to customers and the community are reflected in an attractive manner that ensures optimal marketing and reflects the spirit of knowledge and responsibility.

In addition, the center is working to meet the needs of the clients of the GCC, which represents a civilized interface for the scientific institution in the country.

This center is equipped with the latest graphic design hardware and software, advanced printers, and qualified technical cadres.


Documentation & Art Production Center

This center acquires its importance as a reference for information and news of all the activities that take place inside the GCC and the programs in which it participates through documented evidence through image, sound and information, on which presentation materials are built, news writing, documentaries and audio-visual materials.

In a more comprehensive sense, the Documentation and Artistic Production Center represents the living memory of the GCC activities and programs.


Infrastructure of the Global Conference Center

The GCC is based on an excellent infrastructure and technology, equipped with the latest technologies to serve national and international conferences, seminars, meetings and cultural activities.

The center includes a number of halls of varying size and function, equipped with central cooling systems, work aids and technical accessories, making this state-of-the-art facility the ideal venue for any meeting or event.

The GCC building consists of two floors (ground and first) connected by an electric elevator and three stair units distributed geometrically according to movement.

Management and marketing offices

VIP Hospitality

Business Center

The Gallery

Exhibition hall

Technical Documentation and Production Center

Design and Identity Services Center

Catering Hall

Outdoor Theater


GCC Parking, capacity (100 spaces)

External paved roads

Outdoor Garden

AC Power Generator (900 KVA)

Two central air conditioning units working alternately,  (/ unit ).

Fast wiFi covering all parts of the building

CCTV system and control room (inside and outside the building).

Toilets, (32) indoor units on the two floors designated for men and women, and 6 outdoor units.

To provide the highest levels of safety and security for the participants, the center is equipped with detection and firefighting systems inside the building, which operate automatically when a fire occurs.


From The Inside.. A New Vision..

The center has developed a set of programs and activities that represent, in total, live initiatives in the way of establishing a set of values and projects based on building a model of fusion between the center and various institutions and the community, and contribute to raising the efficiency of the center and reducing the operational capacity of the building and facilities, and ensuring the continuity of movement and various activities in a smooth and harmonious manner and open wide horizons of partnerships and benefits between the center and clients.


The center has developed a financial plan and a time frame for the implementation of these projects in line with the importance of each project and its cultural, societal and material returns.


For more details, please see the activities and programs package (Program guide attached) or visit our website: www.

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Global Conference Center.. Power of Events..

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