The faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology was established in December 2001 to satisfy an urgent need for a program of advanced study and training in the ever-developing field of Information Technology. Our objective is to achieve levels of qualifications worthy of being recognised by the relevant international computer science institutions. The faculty offers a distinguished program tailored to prepare the students for an interesting and rewarding career in the burgeoning computer industry underpinning the economic growth and social development of the world today. Information Technology plays a vital role in all aspects of our lives and has become an essential function in the activities of both private and public institutions. We endeavor to turn out career-ready graduates well trained in current technologies and equipped with the necessary foundation and theoretical knowledge to enable them to update their skills and keep abreast of new developments in a fast moving industry

Our curriculum is designed to give students a solid grounding in both theoretical and practical topics in computer sciences. We continually review our curriculum to keep up to date with the latest development in computer science education. Our computer facilities are of the highest specifications. All laboratories are linked together through a superior digital network linking over 300 computers, which are connected to the internet through a high-speed broadband connection. Our laboratories and lecture theatres are equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, employing large format plasma screen technology, for efficient and accurate instruction and delivery of the subject materials.

Objectives :


To be in the lead in offering educational, research and consultation Programs in computer Science, information technology, and information systems across the region.

– To contribute in the development of human knowledge in the field of informatics and to adopt cutting-edge research programs.
– To develop the practical, knowledge and leadership skills of the faculty students.
– Contribute to community health education.
– To contribute effectively in serving society through consultations and solutions that address domestic technology problems.
– To update the content of the study and research programs continuously in order to keep up with the newest in knowledge field and society’s needs.
– To provide the students with the capacity to lead, manage and plan information systems, beginning with the identification of needs and gathering requirements, and ending with the implementation of integrated solution for information systems.