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International Student

International Student

International Student

If you’re an international student, studying at UMST gives you the unique opportunity to get an outstanding Sudan education in a thriving international business hub. To ease your transition to life in Sudan, we have a dedicated International Student Office that provides enhanced support services when you first arrive and during your early weeks at UMST.
Before your arrival, we can provide support during the application process through International Student Office and registration office. We have a simple visa sponsorship program that allows you to secure your residency in the Sudan before arrival. Enrolling in a program at UMST has provided a platform for hundreds of international students to go on and secure employment in all over the world and to make their life in this exciting country and outside.
From the application stage right through to arrival, induction and day-to-day studies, we recognize the needs and requirements of international students and have a range of support services to help ensure an enjoyable transition to life in Sudan.


International Student Office

The International Student office is designed to provide support and assistance to new students who have come from another country to study at UMST. Whether you arrive in Sudan already knowing friends or family members, or whether you are taking on the challenge of moving to Sudan on your own, it is not easy to move to a new and unfamiliar country.
To help make your transition to Sudan as enjoyable and smooth as possible, the International Student Office, with the support of Student Affairs department, organizes a series of activities for new international students, both on and off-campus, which are referred to as an Orientation Week. These activities provide an ideal opportunity to meet other international students, make friends, and get settled into Sudan and University life. It also provides an ideal way to meet new domestic and returning students.
The orientation week activities are open to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and all students are encouraged to attend.
For more information contact our International Student Coordinator.

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