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Welcome to Faculty of Law – UMST


The study of law requires a great deal of self-discipline and hard work, but I want to assure you that the satisfaction to be derived from mastering the law provides a very good dividend by way of repayment. There is much to be gained, as knowledge of the law not only increases a person’s understanding of public affairs but also promotes accuracy of expression.

The Faculty of Law works diligently to enhance its programs and extra-curricular activities to ensure students receive the highest standards of quality education. Our innovative curricula which have been designed in such a way to equip our student with academic knowledge and skills derived from the Common Law Jurisdiction. The language of instruction is English being a widely used international language. French is also taught throughout the study term in order to broaden the chances of our law graduates to learn other legal jurisdictions during the post graduate level.

The staff of the Faculty of Law comprises of a number of senior law practitioners with excellent academic record. This has contributed to the policy embedded in the curricula of injecting practical skills in the process of shaping the legal mentality of our students so as to satisfy the needs of the profession at home and abroad. As a matter of fact a whole course in the 7th semester has been dedicated to Clinical Law, wherein the students, will gain practice oriented-training in reputed law firms and Justice Bodies under the supervision of senior professional staff members.

One of our three specialised sections concentrates on research in Islamic and comparative law. The fact that the Faculty offers Islamic Law courses at the undergraduate level in English, paves the way for comparative law researches at the post-graduate level. This feature is unique in our faculty and we look forward to enabling our graduates to assume important role in academic and law reforms based on Islamic and comparative jurisprudence.


The faculty of law at the UMST aspires to be a center of excellence, both regionally and worldwide, by adherence to international standards in legal education and research, as well as in the dissemination of legal knowledge.


– (a) Public Law
– (b) Private Law and Commercial Law;
– (c) Private Law and Commercial Law;
– (d) Sharia Law.

Objectives :

– To provide media institutions with graduates with both academic knowledge and professional skills.
– To graduates media practitioners with ability of objective and sound judgments.
– To prepare graduates to be leaders of the society with a high sense of media ethics.

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