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The university encourages the students to practice sports. A playing ground for football and basketball is available in Al Riyadh main campus of the university.
Five Billiards tables are distributed in different parts of the university.Student requests to rent outside facilities to play football, swimming or tennis, are approved by the university which provides means of transport to and from.

Cafeteria services
The university runs four cafeterias to provide food, soft drinks and beverages from 8am to 10pm daily. The cafeterias are air-conditioned with TV plasma screens.

Student Service Centre
This centre provides services needed by the university students like bookstore, photo copying and binding services, stationery, different types of accessories and dresses, etc. .

Community Services
The university students organize themselves in charity organizations or joint similar organizations outside the university to serve the local community. Examples of such activities include:
1. University Student Associations organizes 2-3 convoys to visit villages in different rural areas of the country, where they provide medical services (with the help of the graduates of medicine, pharmacy and medical laboratories).
2. The students also forms their own charity societies to help the poor citizens e.g. orphan society, patient fund society, handicapped supporting society,etc….
3. In cases of crises like flood and epidemic diseases, the university students participate and give a helping hand.

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